Gurudongmar Lake (Sikkim)

Review of Gurudongmar Lake: There are a few places in India which we mark in our mind as "places to visit once in our lifetime". From the backwaters of Kerala to the beaches in Goa, Road trip to Ladakh or a cruise to Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Pilgrimage to Varanasi or wandering in Thar desert, the list goes on... And then ....North Sikkim! [Sikkim Tourism,… Continue reading Gurudongmar Lake (Sikkim)


Weekly Photo Challenge: Transformation

Here are my submission for this weeks WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Transformation!  These are very old pics taken with my old point and shoot camera Pic 1 This picture represents how nature transforms everything over time. Pic 2 This nest was built by a "bird couple" in just over 5 days! They started with a… Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Transformation


Book Review: Origin by Dan Brown

Dan Brown is back with his fifth book in the "Robert Langdon series" and I was eagerly looking forward to a come back from the author after disappointing works with Inferno and Lost Symbol. The plot of "Origin", as the title suggests, attempts to answer the fundamental questions of evolution as to "where we came… Continue reading Book Review: Origin by Dan Brown


Weekly Photo Challenge: Rounded

Posted as part of WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Rounded This weeks theme is Rounded and I feel the following photo suits best for the challenge. A round drum at a Buddhist monastery, Coorg, Karnataka 2) A rounded structure  3) Fish Biriyani inside a rounded vessel!  And my favorite, the rounded moon! (Couldn't find the HQ version… Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Rounded


Weekly Photo Challenge: Glow

This week WordPress weekly photo challenge is Glow I guess the picture below will be apt for the challenge! I call this photograph "The Big Bang" The photo was taken today (Oct 20) during the Diwali celebration in my neighborhood. What I like most in the pic is the explosion cloud in the middle, which… Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Glow


Weekly Photo Challenge: Pedestrian

This weeks photo challenge is Pedestrian The word pedestrian means a person walking rather than travelling in a vehicle, especially in a place where vehicles go!Here is my submission! Here are my submissions! I have to admit I do not have that many photos that can bring out the full essence of the challenge! Pedestrians… Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Pedestrian


Weekly Photo Challenge: Layered

Posted as part of WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Layered Definitely this one for layered! And this!  Previous Photo challenge can be found here My latest travel review Do share your thoughts on the photos! Thank you!


Madayipara: A Biodiversity hotspot in Kannur Dt, Kerala

Most of us will know some peculiar places near our hometown which are beautiful picnic spots, but yet to become a mainstream tourist destination! "Madayipara" in Kannur district, Kerala is one such place which I would like to review here. Madayipara is a vast hillock known for its low elevation grasslands, laterite stone tops, ancient temples,… Continue reading Madayipara: A Biodiversity hotspot in Kannur Dt, Kerala