The stars in the sky are bright,

So was, my once sincere sweetheart.

The dew on the flowers is pure,

So was my lone Luvs mind.

There were times, when I saw,

Diamonds dazzle in her eyes.

There were days, when I felt,

Bonfires arise from her heart.

Occasions were there in my life,

When flowers flourished at night,

Angels danced down to earth,

To watch our intimacy ignite!

The days I spent with her,

Were gifts from god!

Those gifts are lost forever,

Those days are dead forever…

The breeze I shared with her,

Was like flowers from the heaven!

Those flowers are dried forever,

Never to bloom for me again…

The pulse I felt with her,

Was like snowflakes in the night!

Those flakes have melted forever,

Filling heat of loneliness in my life…

The dreams I saw with her,

Were like blinking stars!

Those stars have faded away,

Bringing darkness to my life…

Nothing was there unmentioned,

But she had something untold…

Nothing was left untouched,

But she had something unseen…

Nothing was there unshared,

Still she had something in person…

Nothing was left to give,

Still she had something to gain from me…

The love I shared with her,

The warmth I gave to her,

The faith I instilled in her,

Was special; even god can’t give her!

The way she deceived too was special!

Done without regret!!

Why did god, himself a creator,

Give her the sacred power of creation??

 Was it her ego, her jealousy of the love I gave?

Allowed her to leave me alone…

      Or… was everything she did,

 A play to break me forever?

Her attitude, the lessons I learned,

All make my mind say…

She is not a creator…a destroyer…

      Destroyer of friendship, love and life…

The key of my heart is still with her,

The door to my heart is still unlocked,

Let her conscience decide what to do,

 Whether to lock it… or… open it wide…

I need her…..yes… as a creator…

 To bring back all those golden days,

   To regain the flow of happiness to my life…

To recreate of our love and life…

Re-Posted as part of the Daily prompt from WordPress for the topic Rhyme! Do leave your valuable comments and opinion below in the comments section.


6 thoughts on “Loved…Lost…Avenged…”

  1. I cannot say what you were thinking but I can feel about the line, my relationship is very close to how I would write. Well written and thanks for visit to my site and comment on Prayer of Love poem ..etc..;)


  2. Hi,Shibin.. i salute u for ur good works n continue writing it..its beautiful poetry…n i felt it as a prayer.i like it soo much… well done
    God Blesss ur Works


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