Why Sachin should retire (Now)


NB: This post was written in March-2012. I haven’t updated the statistics after the Asia cup. The recent Test series with NZ again showed signs of Sachin’s ineffectiveness. Being bowled out in 3 consecutive innings is one of the last things a world class player would like to see in his career. The frustration Sachin showed after getting bowled the third time was something we never see from a great player like him. Sunil Gavaskar during the commentary criticized sachin’s foot work.   Missing out, or to be more correct, staying out of the Sri-lanka  series before the NZ series and so on, again shows Sachin is not 100 percent into the game. No matter how hard Sachin fans try to say Sachin is still in his best, his recent performance says the opposite. Now its T20 time for Indian cricket, and “luckily” no Sachin in it. We will see how he performs when England comes to India. If Sachin fails again there, then it should most probably make the end of Sachin’s career. Or may be one more chance! When Australia comes to India. 2 series with world’s best 2 teams. Lets see how Sachin plays them, and lets wait and see how the career of SRT moves forward.


For all Sachin fans and for those who want to know more about Sachin, here are the links to 3 books about Sachin.

The links will take you to online bookstore page of the particular book where you can buy it at great discount prices.
Here is a biography of Sachin by Khalid A-H Ansari

Next, a book on 100 centuries by Sachin

And finally, another interesting book detailing the career and life of SRT

I found an interesting website dedicated to news about Sachin’s retirement and his statistics. Here is the link to that website. Since you arrived here, please do read what i have written in March!


Let me make this post simple and small.

It is time for Sachin Tendulkar to retire from International ODI cricket.

He may play test for some more time; but ODI- please; it is time.

As an Indian and a follower of Indian cricket  team and an admirer of cricket as a whole, i am extremely happy and proud about all the innings Sachin played so far and it is a wonder to look at his cricket records.

But, hold on a second, is what Sachin did in the past a criteria for team selection? Should Sachin’s achievements and records be a reason in determining his place in the ODI team? No! Not at all, it is a player’s current form which should decide whether he should be retained in the team or not. Whenever any one criticizes Sachin, die-hard Sachin fans ask them to “look at the history and shut up”! C’mon guys; what has history to do with the present? Does Sachin’s 200 against South Africa give India free 100 runs when we play a future game, or because Sachin scored 18000 + runs in ODI provide team India an 18 percent discount when we chase a total? No right? Then why are you bringing Sachin’s past into present! You know why? Because you have just “past” to hold on and nothing in the present!

Let me stop talking and let the statistics speak now! All data from ESPN Cricinfo statistics database.

Just have a look at Sachin’s performance in ODI in for the last 2 years (One year is too short to decide a persons continuous form, so lets take 2 years, and by the way, if take statistics for just last one year, it will be horrible for Sachin!)

During the last 2 years he scored  just 776 runs at an average of approx 38 from 20 matches.

One important point here is that Team India has played 63 ODI matches during the past 2 years while Sachin decided to play just 20 out of it. Does Team India need such a visiting professor to take class when there are full-time professors available and many new lecturers waiting for appointment? I am  acknowledging that he is a “professor” of cricket, not just a professor, he is an Emeritus professor, but save that for Test matches please  and not for ODI.

In 2011/2012 season, his avg is 29!

Also, during the last 2 years Sachin did not take  a single wicket!

Also let us look at the performance of other Indian batsmen during the same 2 year period.

Dhoni 43 matches, avg of 53 —  Gambhir 37 matches, avg of 49 — V Kohli 61 matches, avg of 47 — Sehwag 24 matches,  avg of 44 — and again SACHIN – 20 matches, avg of 38-the lowest among all of others.

Last one year Sachin played only 13 ODI and scored only 421 runs and 114 out of it coming from the last match against Bangladesh and his avg against Australia was 18 and against Srilanka was just 24 (Only against these 2 teams he played more than 5 matches)

Even see his century timeline. Form 0 to 20 it took 7 years, 20 to 40 2 years, 40 to 60 3 years, 60 to 80 6 years, 80 to 100 4 years. But century 92-100 took more than 2 years and it took 1 year from 99 to 100.

Even the last ODI, when, finally, the 100th 100 happened it took him 138 balls to reach that figure. It is the 2nd SLOWEST  hundred  for the master in his entire ODI career. Remember in the match against Bangladesh, when the batting power-play started (over 35), Sachin was on 87 and it was in the 44th over he reached century! Suresh Raina ,who was batting along Sachin during the same overs,scored 51 runs from 38 balls! So those who say that ball was not coming onto the bat, save that point for yourself buddy! Agreed; in the first few hours ball was not coming to the bat, but Sachin, played the slowest part of his innings when the team required to score at the fastest pace,and other players were scoring fast except Sachin! In the last match strike rate of Kohli was 80, for Suresh Raina it was 134, for Dhoni it is 190 and that of Sachin, it was just 77.

So, in short,

1) He is old. He is 38. He should have stayed in the Indian team, if India has shortage of young and new players. But fortunately for India, we have  new comers waiting for a spot in the Indian team, so they should be given chance. Also keep in mind the next world cup while deciding the team. If sachin stays for another 2 years, and then retire, the player who gets his place (by his place, doesn’t mean directly replace Sachin, but in a progressive way) will get very little time to prepare himself for the big show.

2) The BCCI will never show the guts to drop Sachin from the ODI team. So being the best ambassador cricket has ever seen, he should show the world, the true spirit of cricket and height of his personality by retiring himself from international ODI cricket. If he does that now, his legacy is just going to reach new heights!

3) I did see some of my friends sharing a photo of Sachin sitting with rest of the 1992 cricket world cup members and telling that Sachin is the only player still playing international cricket! Actually, that proves the point, that its time for Sachin to retire!  If you are saying Sachin is still playing ODI because he is still in superb form, that is equal to telling that everyone else who played in that World cup has retired because they can’t play cricket anymore! They retired because they realized its time for them to stop playing and not because they don’t know how to play cricket! If they want, many could still “hang on” in the team and play even now, but their cricket board will not allow to do so!

4) I agree that i am a moron and i don’t know anything about cricket and I don’t understand any of the “die-hard sachin fans statistics” explaining why he still plays ODI. BUT there are people out there who understands cricket, who are also considered legends like Sachin who says that it is time for Sachin to retire. Are you saying, all those people are morons like me?

The main problem I see in die-hard sachin fans is that when people ask sachin to retire, they say “the critics does not value his legacy or his contribution to cricket”! Folks!! No one is denying what sachin did so far, we value and respect him for what he did.But that is never an excuse for him to stay in the team forever.

 Sachin is still playing good. But Indian team will still win matches if there is no Sachin in the ODI team. Let youngsters come, let them lead the way now, the team needs more Virat Kohli and Suresh Raina. Hope Sachin score century in the remaining Asia Cup matches and retire from ODI at the highest note!

PS: I am so sad, that i have written this post 😦


19 thoughts on “Why Sachin should retire (Now)”

  1. Well, Thanks alot First of all… That you have refer my website too.. in your link as
    As i am the ower of this site.. I would like to take part in this discussion.. As sachin should retire or not…

    I have developed this website just to get the statics and views.. before sachin retirement..
    This is the perfect time actually when he should retire.. I appreciate that he have already given so many things to the nation, But we should believe that, Things can never be the same… He “was” good but he has to see weather he “is” good now???
    Is he worth playing for 2 days in a test?? Is he fit’s to play T20? Does he bowl’s these a days life he use to do before?? Does he playes pull shot often? Does he comes down the crease and hit for a 6 like he does before specially in sharjah??

    The answer is NO. those things will never ever come back… This is the perfect time with the dignity and respect say bye to cricket and show a good hands in politics now..


  2. Sachin was never a match winner and can never be because he worries more about his records than country. look at Sehwag, Yuvraj, Kohli, Dhoni, Raina they have won more matches then Sachin (in their short career)


  3. I was really impressed after reading your Bannerghatta, but this is quite socking to read this.. There is no single player who has not faced ups and downs in his career.
    But Sachin is really GOD. The negative part which you have shown for last 2 years is just some down time …. Also to remember you Sachin was the 2nd highest run getter in 2011 cricket WC and highest from India and took the major role in winning the cup.
    So I think there is no one in the world born yet to comment about Sachin..
    And if some critics still want to do so, Sachin does not tell them anything, let his career speak….
    There is no player like sachin till date and there will be no player like sachin in future also… i guarantee this…. He is GOD…


    1. First of all sachin is NOT a god there were better players than him in the indian team there will better players whaen he is gone…so sachin should retire and give the young players a chance instead of hogging the spotlight like a dumbass…


  4. Past Glory and education don’t count for much. We have to continuously sharpen the axe(From the shiv khera’s book You Can Win).


  5. I am sure you will re-write this post two year later with similar contents in it and with urging him to step down from ODI..

    My friend, its very hard fought career he is having… so if he earned it after 20+ long years then its we should allow him to take his decision.. If he says to hangs the boots or play for few more years.. we should respect that.. and after all only one player is going to replace him so unless we have some player with caliber there is not question of “forceful retirement”

    Just my thought!


    1. Hello Abhay, Thanks for your response! As u said, actually i wish i should post this after next world cup! I am also a very big Sachin fan and i love watch him playing! Even, i switch off the TV when he gets out! Now, there are 2 reasons why i wrote this post. One, i wanted to know what the public think of this topic! If you have read previous comments, half of them support my article and half is against it! That was one thing i was looking for. I do have heated debates with my Facebook friends regarding this topic, but as a blogger, i wanted to know how unknown people would respond to a post like this. 🙂 Second, i also wanted to know, why critics say “Sachin should retire” and that’s why i came up with those statistics. See, it if was NOT Sachin, and if it is an ordinary player, then those statistics is enough for that player to be out of the team. But since Sachin is- “The SACHIN”, and we respect him that much, and his contribution is lot better than what is seen in those statistics, we dont have the right to ask him to retire. So, my blog post was moreover a insight into “Why people ask for Sachin’s retirement” and i wanted to know why people have to say about that! And obviously while giving a post title, it has to be controversial or catchy from a “bloggers point of view” and hence this title! I too want Sachin to play for another 2 or 3 years!!!


      1. Lets go point by points

        1. Public opinion – Its difficult to judge on the basis of public opinion for very simple reason that. it (public opinion) is situational eg for couple of bad innings/series for sachin and ppl will start cursing him… let him make couple of good knocks the very ppl will come in favour of him. So if you really want to see the fact, see his career from very top .. a bird eye view may be!

        2. Statistics(?) – These stats are not enough to explain a Sachin! if you remember in 2007 it was even worst.. that pt critics were at the high pt .. Sachin continues to play and you can see results now! For stats – wait for 1 or may be 1 and half year definately it will improve! At this very time – 2011 WC – Can you imagine WC without his contribution? I need honest answer. So 2011 WC is not past!!

        3. “Sachin” to “The Sachin”. well you will have to be wonder to be “the…” and he did I said in my last comment.. it is hard fought!

        Again I woulld like to respect your opinion and just want to put my thoughts…



  6. I hd thot of dat a lng tym a ago bt tel me 1 thing.y vud a player retyr if he doesnt want 2 its d wrk of d selectrs 2 do vot dey did vid virendr him 2 rst bt no cming bck dis tym


  7. Sachin should continue playing and enjoy the game as long as he wants. He should donate all his match fees and sponsorship fees to a trust who can help the needy. Cricket and nation has given him everything. Will Sachin return a fraction of it?


  8. he can run field and bat even spectacularly than the youngsters then why he should retire???/ no chance man……..


  9. Agree with you. The recent Asia cup fiasco was majorly due to Sachin’s selfish batting but no one will realize or point to that. We are so blind! We can’t even see when someone is putting his personal milestone ahead of the national pride! This is awful! We are sometimes too biased and illogical. Look at Australia. They are pretty straight forward people and honest and truthful. They discarded Ponting when he was not willing to hang up his boots. That they did for national interest. But we don’t care national interest. We should learn from them!


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