What people search !

Since my blog is listed in Google, my statistics page show, which all “Google search terms” people typed, as a result of which my blog page/article came up on their search result and thus ended up visiting my page. Many of the search terms are common words but some search terms are worth sharing!

Below is a list of some interesting search terms so far which people typed ūüôā

Article: Why Sachin Should retire (Now) (From ODI)

Search Terms: ¬† Sachin should be retired —¬†Why sachin not retiring —¬†The effectiveness of sachin for team India —¬†Why sachin should retire ? —¬†Average run scored by sachin in last 1 year — When Sachin should retire — Truth about Sachin —¬†Why Sachin should retire now

Article: Mahabharata-a mere story?

Search Terms:¬†Swami sandeepananda giri mahabharatam imagination —¬†Mahabharata did not happen by sandeep¬†Giri¬†— Dr. gopalakrishnan response to sandeepananda¬†Giri

Article: Bannerghatta National Park, Bangalore-A travel review

Search Terms:¬†places to visit in bangalore with girlfriend —¬†good and cheap food in bangalore majesty bus station —¬†road to reach bannerghatta national park

Article: It is not what you think it is…

Search Terms: ¬†Volini¬†spray like medicines —¬†Volini¬†did something to laptop

Blog Name: Eternal Truth

Search Terms:¬†Search the eternal truth —¬†Verses about eternal truth —¬†Vedas and eternal truth


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