Are you Human? If YES, read this…

Below is a real life incident narrated by a friend of mine. All I am asking you to do is; Read it, if needed twice or more, and think for sometime, where your conscience lies in the matter. Think about the society you live in, think  about the people around you, think about the laws in our country and above all think about your responsibility as  a citizen of our society, country and the world. Give some time, to assess what you have done or what you need to do as a “responsible global citizen”.

If this post, makes you think about the “realities of life and not the fantasies of life” then I have achieved what I intended. If you are too busy to think all these, fine; at least read the post and go! What if you are next?

Here is the incident

“If your friends meet with an accident, and is lying in a pool of blood, unconscious. People standing around, looking. Not even a single soul is taking them to hospital, not even trying to help…
What do you feel? What’s your say?

Last day two of my friends met with a tragic accident in Chennai near T Nagar. A person riding a bike hit them while they were about to park their scooter. Nothing but a speeding vehicle, with a reckless driver. He hit them and vanished right into thin air. The two girls fell off, lost their balance to the unexpected blow; one hit her head on a concrete block near the parking and the other is on the road. As usual, people were all eager to see what happened, rushed to the place, surrounded them…yeah that’s it… One is crying in pain and the other is unconscious, both in spilt blood, white kurthis turned red, crying for help… no one, no one had the heart to help them. Somehow, the conscious among the two took her phone, called a friend, couldn’t even speak, but the friend figured it, she rushed to the place and saw a crowd around the girls watching them bleed. The friend, who came, was also new to Chennai, begged for help, cried and walked around to get a vehicle, no one helped, so called humans didn’t have even the slightest trace of humanity. Finally the police came, told the friend to take the girls to the hospital, the police blissfully confiscated the scooter and went back. They didn’t even think of helping, at least, to get a vehicle!!! It’s more than half an hour that the girls were on the road. This time God showed up as an Auto driver, he shouted at all the people gathered over there and took these two girls to the hospital along with their friend. They reached a hospital which didn’t have many facilities; they were given first aid and then referred to a bigger hospital. Since the girls were struggling with pain and fractures, they couldn’t be taken in the auto to the hospital. Next came the search for the Ambulance, the friend along with the auto driver went to the nearby hospital and requested for an ambulance. The answer was; No, we cannot come, sorry. They weren’t bothered even if you stooped, cried or begged. Friend told the Ambulance diver that she will give him Rs. 500 and will fill diesel also. Then the ambulance driver had himself a deal. He went with them to the clinic, took the girls to the hospital. 

He didn’t ask for a single penny, instead he gave Rs.950, from his pocket and asked them to go to the best hospital. There are people like him in this world, the real human being, all our prayers are for your good dear man, a human being at last. This wasn’t the end of the story, it continued… The new hospital insisted in seeing an FIR from the police, thankfully, the cops played it fair this time it. The second issue was from the hospital authorities! They asked the girls and their friend for a deposit of Rs. 8000, and were adamant to admit them only after the money was laid on the table. Money First, then comes the life of the girls. The girls, quite naturally, didn’t have the huge amount ready with them, they asked for an hour’s time to get it, and the cold answer, like you must have guessed by now, was that; the treatment will get delayed for an hour. Helpless now, the friend gave her gold chain to the doctor and begged for treatment, this time, I would say the gleam of the yellow metal maybe, threw some light into the doctor’s mind. This was a fully fledged two hour act for life. 

What do you feel? This is the harsh reality of life. It is high time that you open your eyes to it, helping another soul will not take anything away from you. Making another person feel loved isn’t going to drain your charm. Extending a helping hand will not make you any lower. Awake, light a lamp in your hearts… Spread the shine… “

This is the “real world”. It’s up to YOU and ME to decide where it should go from here-towards a world full of ” arrogant, adamant onlookers and administrators” or the “kind, human, auto driver and the friend who was behind them every stage”

“Being Human” – It has to be inside your chest and not over it…

 Note: The Author of the narration  is Mr. Gokul Shaji, Assistant Manager HR at HIDESIGN


1 thought on “Are you Human? If YES, read this…”

  1. Kill them all.shoot him in the public…. we are humans, we are not strangers!!! i dont know why people are not thinking n acting for the society!!!


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