“Safest place to be on Dec 21, 2012” and more…

This post is about some interesting words and sentences people search in Google, as a result of which my blog links appear in their search results.  Whenever my blog web address or my article link gets displayed in “Google search” results, I get to know, what the person has “searched for” . I cannot find out who the person is, but i get to know, what they typed in the “search” window of Google which resulted in giving my blog/blog article links in their result!

Majority of them are standard search words depending upon the articles I have in my blog, but certain search items are worth sharing! The articles in my blog which gets displayed most, when they search are a travel review about Bannerghatta National park in Bangalore, an article on why Sachin Tendulkar should retire, a write-up on a controversy relating to Mahabharata,   a satire on my girl friend and some other articles.

Okay; the most interesting key word i found was “safest place bangalore to be dec 21 2012” . Some one in Bangalore is seriously worried about the end of the world on Dec 21, 2012! Well, if the world is going to end, then there is no point in finding a “safe” place i guess!

It seems people do a lot of googling before taking their girl friend out with them! Some of the interesting search words i got was “places to visit in bangalore with girlfriend” , place to stay in bangalore with girlfriend,and  “Bannerghatta national park with girlfriend“. Sorry, I have no intent to write about places in Bangalore where you can have fun with your girl friend!

I guess some schools in Karnataka ask their students to write essays on Bannerghatta National park! “200 word essay about bannerghatta national park Bangalore”, “few words about Bannerghatta national park” were among the search results related to BNP.

Sachin, rules the search results! More than 80 kinds of search terms with the word “Sachin” in it, gave them the links to my article on Sachin! It’s not just me, but many others also wonder why Sachin is not retiring yet! “Sachin should be retired”, “why sachin not retiring”, “retire sachin Tendulkar”, “why sachin is still playing” are some search words i liked a lot! People also search why sachin should NOT retire from cricket…  “why are people asking sachin to retire”, “sachin should not retire”, “sachin should stay in team” so on justifies it.

Doubts and questions over the epic Mahabharata hover a lot around people! “Mahabharata truth or story”, “truth of mahabharat”, “mahabharata war truth or just story”, “what are the controversies in story of mahabharata”, “is mahabharata a real story”, so on are few interesting search words related to Mahabharata.

“www.give me detailes for bhanergeta national park banglore” is another search word which amused me! I guess he/she was “asking” the world-wide web for the answer and not just Google!

Similarly, “youtube bangalore national park lions cath forings” is another search word i found funny!

Interestingly people do search my name too!!!!!!! “shibin wedding photos” (sorry not yet :P), “shibin dhinesh blog”, “shibin wedding”, “burning name shibin”, ( I have no idea what he/she meant by that!) are some of them! Well, some one is keen about my wedding i guess!!!

If you have any thoughts on the above article and the search words in it, do share it with us using the comment section below.


5 thoughts on ““Safest place to be on Dec 21, 2012” and more…”

  1. Interesting that you posted this, I was reviewing some Google terms for my blog too, and thought we should come up with some sort of monthly blog of strangest terms. For my (Philippine-centric) blog, I have noted some strange terms, like:

    “recent study about tilapia, chicken & homosexuality” — WHAT? I did have a long post on the safety of tilapia.

    “uses of seahorse in magic” — Again, WHAT? I have several post on seahorses

    “fermented fish cartoons” — really?

    “why Filipino ate their snacks at 3PM” — I figured they must be wondering about the Filipino tradition of merienda snack

    “where to order milkfish in Stockhom” — okay….

    What to you think? Should we do a monthly strangest Google Term post?


    1. I have always felt such strange search words and its relation to our blogs is worth sharing on our blog! Before this article, the last time i posted weird search terms was 4 months ago. It would be really nice to know others bloggers strange search term collection! Whether to do it monthly has to be thought of..i mean does enough strange terms worth making a 1000 word blog come up in a month? If yes then great, or else i think once in 3 months or so would be great! But nevertheless such things has to be shared! So, yes we should do occasional strange term post and how it is related to our posts!!!!


      1. Let’s do it! I like the every 3 month interval, a quarterly post!

        I’ll start to compile more of my strange search terms, and perhaps we can get other blogger interested…


  2. I can’t say that I’ve ever searched any of the terms you mention, but I, too, find it quite strange and oddly entertaining to see, in print, the search terms some people have used to arrive at my blog.
    I also wish that I could see who it is that types in odd strings of words! I have lots of questions to ask those individuals!
    Great post, thanks for sharing this!


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