An Email to you with the “Email post” from my Email

This is my first blog post as part of the Daily post weekly writing challenge and this weeks challenge is “Mail it In”

This is a great challenge! Not just a writing challenge, but a technical challenge too!
I am trying to publish a WordPress post using my email. (If you are reading this, then I guess, it is a success!!)
This success of this post, depends upon YOU-My dear readers… I am putting up a specific query/question to all of you. Do leave your opinion and views

Now coming to the point!
I have a friend who is a budding pro photographer and he recently took a picture of an insect, unknown to him.So, he is trying to find out the name/type of that insect. And I said “Hey, I can ask the blogging world about it! They have people from all fields from across the globe”. He was happy with the suggestion, and he forwarded me the mail with the photo,which he sent to a natural history museum asking their help to find out the insect type!

And a humble request to big shot bloggers! If possible, re-blog this on your blog so that it can reach more people! Thanks in advance
Here is the email for you and the photo of that strange insect!

Dear Web Editor,

Im a photographer who loves to photograph insects in their natural habitat.

I recently came across a strange insect (photo attached) that I have never seen before.
As I make it a habit to identify whatever insect i photograph, I would really like to know what insect this is.

When i posted this photo on your facebook page, I was asked by the admin to get in touch with you for help for ID.

Im hoping your team of entomologists can help me identify this insect.
Do let me know if you need to higher resolution photo.

Thanks & Regards

and here is the photo

So, here is my request to all fellow bloggers!
Does any one know what it? Is any of you an entomologist? Is any of your friends an entomologist? Or, simply, what do you think this insect is? How is my friends photography? (I have asked him to join WordPress and be part of Daily post weekly photo challenge!) Please do, leave your view about this post below, using the comment section!

What if no one knows what this insect is :O Hope my friend discovers a new insect type!!!

Also, have a visit to my friends Facebook photography page. Stunning, amazing pictures awaiting you there! It will be a real loss, if you fail to visit his photography page

Shibin Dinesh (Oops! Email culture!)


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