Weekly Photo Challenge: Afloat!


The moment the Challenge was put forward, the first picture from my collection that came to mind was a floating boat… But hey, it’s too cliche! (As depicted in the Featured image!) 

Time is running out and I need to find another picture!

Kids playing with Balloons? No…. Okay, Hot Air Balloon may be? Still No… How about leaf floating on water? Nope…. What else is afloat in my photos?

Oh yeah!  The floating spider!!!!!  


The photo was taken almost 2 years back, on a chilling Winter morning, back in my hometown in Kannur, Kerala, India.I was out for a “nature walk”, bracing the cold, through the picturesque paddy fields, clicking at everything in and around! And then I found something unique! A beautiful spider, resting on its web which was decorated with dew drops!

I have done some image editing, making the spider web Black and White and the spider in its “true color” !!!!

Hope you guys enjoy the pic!

Don’t forget to see my collection of pics taken from Sikkim, a North Eastern state in India. 

Posted as part of Daily Post weekly photo challenge! 


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