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While we celebrate completion of yet another round of Earth orbiting the Sun, it’s time to retrospect how my blog “E-Shibin: The eternal truth” performed in 2015 and share with you few interesting observations. My intangible bond with procrastination was the key culprit in limiting my new posts published during 2015 to just four (but, one more than in 2014!) and I had to attain complacency looking at the healthy traffic from my older blog posts. Thanks to my travel blog on Bannerghatta National park (originally published in 2012 and updated every 6 months), which received an overwhelming 18,724 views in 2015 (against 16,702 in 2014), a total hit of 22,841 page views were registered on my blog, up from 21,572 during 2014. Though the number of page views has gone up, it is disheartening to see the unique visitor count go down from 18,015 in 2014 to 16,934 in 2015. There have been visitors from 92 countries in 2015, taking the unique country visit count since blog inception to 149! 

Another interesting aspect to review is the Google/Bing search terms visitors use to look for what they wanted and eventually reach one of my blog pages. Close to 15,000 different search terms were keyed in during 2015 which had one or the other page from “The eternal truth” in the search results. These search terms are very useful in understanding the way users search for content and help bloggers modify the blog content accordingly. Having said that, these search terms are also a source for understanding people’s internet behavior. The way users frame questions to Google, the spelling, unique word combinations they use, the frequency with which some search terms get repeated, all gives us a meta-analytic view of the internet literacy and etiquette of a particular region/country from which the data came from (90 % of the page hits are from India). 

There have been an increasing trend of asking direct questions to Google in an attempt to get results displayed on Google rather than read it inside any other website (For instance, if you ask/type “who is the prime minister of India” in Google, the answer is displayed on Google page itself and negates the need to visit any website to know the answer). Though Google is working hard on artificial intelligence which can answer your questions precisely on Google result page itself, I think internet users still need to visit my blog (or other sites) for the type of questions they are asking! See some samples below!!!


“is sachin sitted out side the team because of the out of form”

“is outside food allowed in bannerghatta national park”

“when is bannerghatta national park closed”

“where does indian space research center stand in world forum and how good it is”

“how can i get rid of the sight effect of medicines”

“isro on sep 9 2012 launches 100th space vehicle. what is d nam of ut”

“can we take daily pass to banneghatta national park”

“how long it takes  from banargatta from majestic..”

“is there a holiday in bannerghatta for national holidays”

PS: By seeing the number of questions netizens ask Google about Bannerghatta national park, I have decided to write a separate FAQ blog article on Bannerghatta National park including all such questions (and the answers) from last 3 years!

It’s very common that people find it difficult to write/spell place names which are not familiar to them. I have experienced it myself while I was planning my visit to Gurudongmar lake in Sikkim.  I was keying in all the wrong spelling of “Gurudongmar” for few times before I came in peace with the correct spelling. I could see myself while I was reviewing the different search terms people keyed in for Bannerghatta National park! Close to 20 different variants for “Bannerghatta” (bannergatta, bhannerghatta, banner gutta, banagata, bannergattala just to name a few) kept recurring in the list, and different spellings for Bangalore/Bengaluru was next in list! 

It’s not always that Google wins with its accurate search results! There are few cases where my blog was listed in the search results for search terms which has no direct connection with my blog contents! For instance, someone searched for “sikkim miss 2015 hot pic” for which Google gave results for my Sikkim photo tour blog! (No, it doesn’t have Miss Sikkim hot pic)


As the Earth begins its next round of journey around the Sun,  I hope to meet a target of at least 2 new posts per month ( may be a travel review and a book review) and 2 photo posts per month as part of the Weekly photo challenge by WordPress. The overall blog visit count is closing in on 86,000 views and I believe by the time earth completes its next trip around Sun, I can add another 1,00,000 visitors! 

And yeah, Happy New Year! 


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