WPC/DP: Structure/Anticipate

Posted as part of WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge! as well as part of Daily Prompt: Anticipate (See details below)

This weeks challenge is “Structure” with emphasis on biological structures and patterns rather than building structures

I present to you four photos which I feel is apt for the topic

1) The structure of peacock feathers! 

This picture also signifies anticipation. When you see a peacock, there is always the anticipation factor as in when the peacock will spread its wings and give us a visual treat! So, I suppose this photo can be considered for Daily Prompt: Anticipate


2) Tree branches forming a beautiful patternSTRUCTURE 1

3) The structure of Dragon fly transparent wings 


4) Patterns on a butterfly


For those who missed, my last week photo submission for the topic “Corner” can be found here and the weeks before that here

Drop in your thoughts on my photographs! Your feedback will be greatly appreciated!



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    1. BTW when I am trying to visit your website i am getting the message “ is no longer available.

      The authors have deleted this site.”

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