Photo Challenge: Waiting

This week photography challenge from WordPress is on the topic "Waiting" I am submitting three photos this time which I feel is apt for the challenge. Waiting for your loved ones Shot at Nandi Hills, Bengaluru Waiting for your friend to come! Shot at Mysore Zoo Waiting for mommy to bring food! Shot at Chikmagalur,… Continue reading Photo Challenge: Waiting


WPC/DP: Structure/Anticipate

Posted as part of WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge! as well as part of Daily Prompt: Anticipate (See details below) This weeks challenge is "Structure" with emphasis on biological structures and patterns rather than building structures I present to you four photos which I feel is apt for the topic 1) The structure of peacock feathers! … Continue reading WPC/DP: Structure/Anticipate


Weekly Photo Challenge: Corner

Posted as part of WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge For the theme corner, I hope the following pictures make sense! Share your thoughts in the comments section! Thank you! A couple of Monkeys playing on the corner of a wall! 2) Temple architecture with geometric corners! 3) A photo that was taken from a Corner angle!… Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Corner


Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple: Time travel to the past!

Traveling just 60 odd km away from Bengaluru City will take you to one of the most exquisite and ancient architectural marvel, the Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple. Believed to be first built-in the early 9th century AD during the Nolamba dynasty era, and modified over centuries under respective ruling dynasties, this place is a must visit for… Continue reading Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple: Time travel to the past!


Photo Challenge: Ooh, Shiny!

Posted as part of WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge  For the topic, "Ooh, Shiny!", I could find an old photo which was taken with my point and shoot camera: A picture of pineapple flower which was bathing in sun light! Here is the pic! Also see my last weeks photo challenge here and the week before… Continue reading Photo Challenge: Ooh, Shiny!


Photo Challenge: Elemental

Note: Posted as part of WordPress weekly photo challenge Theme: Elemental!  Fire! Water! Earth! And Air! (Symbolized by the fresh air you can breathe in this heavenly place) 


Daily Prompt: Amble!

Note:1. Posted as part of the Daily Prompt series from WordPress 2. I post photographs I have taken symbolizing the words given for the Daily prompts and not detailed written articles! For the prompt Amble, I guess photograph of an elephant would be most apt! Wherever I have seen elephants, whether it be in the wild… Continue reading Daily Prompt: Amble!